Winin Enterprise Co., Ltd. has been a dedicated manufacturer of garden sprinkler equipment for over 30 years. We offer a wide range of products from sprinklers to trigger innovative and novel products to market so users can enjoy the added convenience of their gardening and lawn equipment.


Brief introduction of our factory

1975 A sub-contractor in machining metal parts and plumbing hardware for local OEM manufacturer.
1982 Gradually transferred to a quality-certificated manufacturer of zinc-alloy impulse sprinkler.
1993 In constant process of research & development in varieties of new products, such as Lawn Sprinklers, Bass ,and impulses.
1994~2000 Being qualified in production and quality control, we started working as an OEM vendor for many leading buyers in US and Australia.

In order not to fall behind the time, we spare no effort in the research of new hand sprayers with advanced patterns, timers, and some related to irrigation systems under our new company nameWININ so as to promote our best service to the customers over the world. 


As time grows, the company has continued to progress and create new products is our basic foundation. 

Video Channel

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ROC Patent D153928